How to Become a Successful Bettor?

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While India is known for its love for cricket, it’s pretty stereotypical to imagine that no other sports are played in the country. Kabaddi, badminton, soccer, and field hockey are games that have a significant following. The country’s love for sports has opened a new avenue for people to enjoy the thrill, passion, and frustration of sports betting.

Betting has the potential of earning an individual a fortune. But many are the sad stories of people who have lost it big. So, how does one become a successful bettor? How does one outsmart the bookmakers and take the big winnings home?

To help with your betting game and set you on the right path, the team from Parimatch has compiled together some viable information for you to implement.

What are your betting goals?

People usually set and implement goals from almost every sector of their life: work-related, financial, and relationship goals. So, why should your betting be any different? Every Tom, Dick, and Harry has the potential of earning a few games: all they need is a few minutes on the internet and Lady Luck on their side.

From our experience, we recommend starting with easily achievable and realistic goals. As a beginner, try and build your knowledge of the betting game and have fun. With a steady foundation, you are bound to find the knowledge gaps that will make you compete on a level footing with the bookmakers.

If you want to win it big in betting, you have to think beyond which is the best team in IPL.  

The basics

This was mentioned in passing at the beginning of the article, but the issue needs more emphasis. Before placing that wager, you need as much information as possible to guarantee better returns. And that’s why we recommend that you should have all the basics at the tips of your fingertips.

  • If you are a beginner, research the following information.
  • How do bookmakers make money
  • Fixed odds
  • What are the different elements of a sports bet?
  • Forms of sports betting

The topics stated above should serve as your foundation for betting.

Set aside a budget

Betting has the potential of eating into your financials if not planned right. Even the most astute, professional bettor can spend more if they haven’t done the prior planning and don’t have the discipline.

The message is simple: make a budget. Depending on your income, you need to decide how much you are willing to bet, either daily or weekly. Remember that you have other financial needs that must be met.

There are days that you will lose some money and feel the pressure to spend more. But if you have set aside some cash, you will stick to it. It will also give you time to go back to the drawing board and re-strategize.

Bet online

With the advancement of technology and the penetration of the internet, there have emerged several online betting platforms that allow you to conveniently and quickly place your bet. One such platform is Parimatch, known for its variety of betting options, fast payout, and quality customer service.

In addition, we have the best odds in the market. As our client, you can enjoy limited offers and promotions that we organize throughout the year. With Parimatch, you can be guaranteed an unmatched experience in sports betting.

Tactics and strategies

It would be erroneous to complete this article without discussing strategies and tactics. Many bettors don’t consider the approach they will implement for the particular bet. They trust their gut feelings or are swayed by the majority. Relying on your instincts or too little information is the fastest way to lose your money.

We must remind you that strategies should not be applied without context. Treat each game on a case-by-case basis. You should analyze and choose the best plan for the particular game. With such thorough analysis, you are in a better position to take substantial winnings home.

Personal bias

This tip applies to the one-day beginner and also to the ten-year veteran. Sport is an expressive element, and once or twice, a better may be swayed to place a wager on their favorite team or player. After all, who doesn’t want their team to win? This, however, is a recipe for disaster.

What you want or desire may cloud your judgment and influence your decision the wrong way. You can either decide to avoid such a match that you may have a personal or unbiased interest or take a step back and critically analyze why you are betting in that particular game.


When you are winning consistently or have just landed a big win, you are at your most vulnerable. You will be flowing with confidence and enthusiasm. Check yourself, and don’t think of yourself as the next betting guru.

Luck has swayed your side. It will be prudent to stay humble and think of your next move with fresh eyes.

Why bet using Parimatch?

As a market leader in the Indian betting industry, several reasons set us apart from the competition.

  • It’s a licensed, international brand with almost three decades in the industry.
  • Parimatch offers a wide range of sports to bet on, including both virtual and e-sports.
  • The clients have the chance of betting before the game begins and during live play, increasing the odds of winning a bet.
  • The minimum deposit required is very small.
  • The customer service team offers 24/7 service to our clients via email, online chat, and WhatsApp
  • Has an interactive mobile app, allowing convenience as you can bet from anywhere and at any time.


Similar to most things on the face of the earth, you will need to put in the hard work, resources, and time for you to enjoy the benefits of betting. By following the tips described above, you will develop and build your own strategies making you a stronger and more successful bettor over time.

And where can you express your joy of betting? Log onto Parimatch today. We have a wide range of games for you to try out.

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