Yahoo Mail vs Gmail: What Are the Differences?

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Yahoo Mail vs Gmail

Today, there are 1.8 billion Gmail users and 4.66 billion accounts. Based on these stats, it might seem like everyone uses this email service.

However, there are many other options out there that can be just as good, if not better. For example, one you might be familiar with is Yahoo Mail, which has been around even longer than Gmail has!

Which one’s better to use though? Well, it’s not a clear-cut answer, and one isn’t necessarily better than the other.

Read on to find out the differences between Yahoo Mail vs Gmail so you can decide which one you should use.

What Is Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo Mail is the email service provided by the search engine Yahoo. It first came out in 1997 and is a free service to use for individuals. You can always pay some money to get additional features.

There used to be a business version of Yahoo Mail but it was converted into Verizon Small Business Essentials at the beginning of 2022.

Currently, there are around 225 million active Yahoo Mail users per month.

What Is Gmail?

Surprisingly, Gmail first started as an April Fool’s joke in 2004. Google created Gmail and offered free email accounts with 1 GB of storage space (for its time, this was a lot more than what competitors offered!).

Gmail is also a free email service, but you can always pay to upgrade and get more storage and benefits.

Yahoo Mail vs Gmail: The Differences

Both Yahoo Mail and Gmail are free email services with optional paid upgrades. So what are the key differences between the 2?


Thankfully, both offer clean and simple-to-use interfaces. You should note that folders are called “Labels” in Gmail though. Also, there’s a convenient pane to access Google Hangouts right in the interface.

Gmail lets you divide your emails into different tabs and also group them into conversations. But if you need to access someone’s contact information, you’ll have to open a separate app. You’ll need to open up Google Contacts in the apps menu.

If you’re into labeling your emails, then Gmail is the better option, as it’s more flexible. However, Yahoo Mail has over 200 filters so you can automatically sort incoming emails.


Gmail wins hands-down here if you hate ads. While there are still sponsored ads in their interface, you won’t even notice them.

On the other hand, Yahoo Mail has a huge vertical side banner that’s incredibly intrusive. Not only that, but there are more ads below your account’s folders. To make matters worse, these ads can look like unopened emails, so you might accidentally click on them a few times.

The annoying thing is, the only way to get rid of these ads on Yahoo Mail is to pay for a premium account. If this is enough to put you off, then remove Yahoo search from Mac devices to wash your hands of this email provider!


With phishing attempts on the rise, you can never be too careful with cybersecurity, especially with your email account. The good news is, both Gmail and Yahoo Mail are fantastic at filtering out malware and viruses.

Gmail is always updating its cybersecurity measures and software, which means it’ll filter out most spam. And you’ll know there’s an infected file before you can even open it.

Yahoo Mail does the same, but its winning point is the ability to create disposable email addresses. You can then use these instead of your real email address in case you don’t trust a site but need to give your information.

Storage Space

Gmail gives you 15GB of free storage, while Yahoo Mail gives you 1TB. This sounds very generous, but Gmail will give you 100GB for $2 a month or 2TB for $10 a month, whereas there’s no room for extra storage on Yahoo Mail.

As for the size of the emails themselves, Gmail allows a maximum of 50MB, and Yahoo mail has a max of 25MB. You can use Google Drive to negate this limit on Gmail, and Yahoo mail has the Large Files feature, which expands the email size limit to 100MB.


Thankfully, both email systems have apps you can download on your smartphone. Both are pretty similar, although Yahoo Mail has more background customization options.

You can set up push notifications for both apps. However, Yahoo Mail wins here since you can delete messages from the push notification. You can’t do this with Gmail yet.

Instant Messaging

Gmail is the clear winner here; they’re the creators of Google Hangout, after all! Within your inbox, you can quickly hit find your contacts and send them instant messages and even get in a video conference.

Yahoo also has a messenger service, but you can’t access it within your inbox. If you need to message someone, you’ll have to open a separate tab to bring up the messenger service. For those who already have numerous tabs up simultaneously, this can get chaotic and take up unnecessary resources on your computer.

Pick the Email Service Best for Your Needs

Now you know the difference between Yahoo Mail vs Gmail. While significantly more people use Gmail, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should as well.

After reading this article, you can weigh up the pros and cons of each and pick the service that’s best for you. And because they’re both free, you can always give both a try without having to pay a cent!

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