How to use Social Media to Promote your Business

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The world is technologically evolving, and so is the human race, their lifestyle, and ways of communication. Earth has now become a global village where you can virtually reach every part of it without the need to cross the borders physically. Today, people are more than ever capable of traversing new cultures, meeting new people, exploring new places, and even laying their hands on different products just with a click of a mouse – or more recently, a tap of a finger.

According to Backlinko, around 51% of the world’s total population uses social media. Out of these, 40% of users access various social networking sites for work purposes. Isn’t it a fantastic concept to expand your business beyond your local area to every part of the globe? Definitely, making people all around the world aware of your brand would be wonderful. 

Social Media to Promote your Business

What does social media offer?

As an entrepreneur, before you leap into the social world, you should understand what platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube offer and how you can use them to your advantage. As noted earlier, social media platforms break all barriers and provide you with unlimited access to international markets. Specifically they;

  • Offer an opportunity to reach a wider audience and help expand the existing market.
  • Provide a more economical alternative to radio, print, and television advertisements. 
  • Help establish a one on one relationship with customers, which ultimately leads to brand loyalty and referrals.
  • The results of the campaign can be measured much more easily and quickly compared to other forms of advertising.

A combination of these aspects and proper platform usage will result in a significant boost in revenue for the company.

Now let us explore how you can optimally promote your business on social media.

Learn about social media and related terms

Jumping onto a platform without first exploring it would be both inconvenient and fruitless. You may end up causing more harm than good to your company. If you’re a beginner, take your time learning about social media marketing and the concepts and tools that go with it.

You won’t be able to test which marketing technique works best for you if you do not understand A/B testing. You cannot achieve a higher clickthrough rate if you do not know what it is and how it helps you, hence why it is imperative that you take your time to understand what you will be doing on social media platforms. 

Choose the right platform as per your audience for targeted marketing

Backlinko reveals that each social media user holds about nine accounts. But that doesn’t mean you need to throw your marketing content on every platform possible. Your choice of the platforms depends upon the platforms’ popularity, the nature of your business, your type of audience, and the time spent by users on these platforms.

As they say, the only place where success comes before work is the dictionary. And in this case, your work lies in thorough research.

For example, if your product’s target is Gen Z, and you sell a fancy mini dress featuring a popular celebrity, then it would be wrong to simply assume that all the youngsters are on Instagram. Out of the 3.96 billion total social media users, 2.7 billion are loyal Facebook users as per Statista , and about ⅓ of them are aged between 18 and 24 years.

Therefore, be very careful in the selection of your platform. Of course, you can, and you should market your business on more than one social media network.  

Fill out your profile appropriately and create a good first impression

You might not see the importance of filling out your company’s profile and might be tempted just to put your business’s name, add a random picture, and include a few contact details. But did you know that this is part of your organic content as revealed by Hurree?  Yes, and you need to take full advantage of these free tools provided by the platforms. One cannot underestimate the importance of paid advertisements, but the magic these simple organic tricks can perform should not be overlooked either.

You need to duly fill out your business name, provide a high-quality image, add a logo, enter a secure link to your website (if any), add your working hours, and any other significant details.

Use a suitable plan for each platform

Now that you are ready to start the marketing ride, you ought to follow a few road rules for optimal results. At this stage of the marketing procedure, you should be aware that each social media platform serves a different need, has a unique style of posting, and places various restrictions on the content. This means it would be unwise to just pick and paste the marketing plan from one platform to another.

Twitter, for example, restricts each tweet’s length to 280 characters. Would it be a good option to import the long content from Facebook and add it here? No. You may use the same pictures but optimize your text for different sites. Again, do not make your posts monotonous by simply using text or just pictures. You can also analyze your most seasoned competitor’s strategy and get some inspiration from it.

Moreover, you may split your business goals on different platforms for better coordination. For example, use Twitter for customer service and Facebook or TikTok for promotions.

Be responsive and address issues such as negative publicity quickly

Because the business world is quite cut-throat, if your company starts to grow rapidly, there will be others who try to drag you down. Prepare a defensive strategy ahead of time if you find yourself in this circumstance. You might counter-attack by continually proving your competitors wrong by supplying testimonials and guarantees from other well-known entrepreneurs or local celebrities. Moreover, you can use Nuwber to find out who is trying to harm your business.

Just type in the name of the person, press enter, and scrutinize the information that comes up. In this way, you could find out who is defaming your company – it may even be a competitor! That will help you evaluate the situation and decide how to respond.


Whether you are an experienced business owner with a well-established online image or a newbie in social media marketing, proper planning and employment of social media marketing techniques are essential. It is up to you to discreetly use these platforms to make your business grow in value, reputation, and profit.