Convert Word to PDF: How to Keep the Original Format of Your Files

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Sending files through email and other online platforms has been convenient these days. It is undeniable that it has become easier to do our job and outputs through this improvised online site anywhere and anytime. However, there are some daily struggles in keeping your documents when moving them to another device or software. Below in this article, we will cover the Convert Word to PDF: How to Keep the Original Format of Your Files.

Convert Word to PDF

Convert Word to PDF

The good thing about converting Word to PDF is that it protects your file from possible loss. No one can open your file because it has encryption. Only you and the person you share the file with can open it. Nothing to worry about sharing your file because the server immediately removes the file after sending it.

What is a Word Document?

Word documents are electronic files containing different encryptions such as phrases, images, graphs, and many more. Documents saved through this format are much easier edited and moved than PDF files.

Documents made through Microsoft Word format are sometimes hard to make the contents in place whenever the recipient opens the file in another software or device. The pictures, graphs, and other encryptions are misplaced, leaving the file a mess. This scenario takes up too much time. This is when converting documents from Word to PDF comes in handy.

What is PDF?

We commonly use PDF when there are files that are needed to be saved which does not take the risk of moving the original work. It holds the files’ contents together, so any changes during the file’s opening to other software won’t ruin its original format from the leading software where it is made.

Through portable document formats, it makes the job easier by holding the contents of the file together. It can affect Word files when you transfer them to another software or device. Most of the time, fonts from one electronic device do not work. In some circumstances, fonts that haven’t been downloaded from the other device may affect the complete document.

Using the PDF helps store the files so that the content and the structure inside the document are not moved or changed. It is a massive advantage to those who love to compose documents through another device, such as laptops or computers to phone, before printing it.

Simple hacks in converting Word to PDF

1. Save the documents as PDF

To convert your Word documents into a portable document format, you can follow simple ways to do it. The only thing you have to do is when you save the document you made or edit; you need to save it as a PDF.  Remember that you should first make sure that all the necessary pieces of information are adequately placed when saving a file to PDF.

It is necessary and advisable to remember to save your file both in PDF and in a Word document format if you need to revise your work. Saving it in both formats can save you some time searching for ways to convert a PDF file to Word. It is a hassle because only a few advertised apps that convert PDF to Word works.

If you have a finished Word document that is needed to be converted into a PDF file, all you need to do is save it again, but this time you have to change the format on the right side of your document’s title from .DOC to .PDF. In this way, you can easily convert your file into PDF, with just a simple step.

There are some instances that you need not only to convert Word documents to PDF. Sometimes it’s the other way around; PDF to Word, usually when this happens, is an enormous struggle for the students and other people.

 2. Convert Word to PDF with PDFBear

Some files are sent or searched to be edited in PDF, and it is an immense frustration. There will be tons of lists and recommended apps to convert PDF to Word if you search through the Internet. These apps usually take too much of your time, browsing from one to another app that may probably help you, but in the end, they rarely do.

There are also applications on the web that let you enjoy the hassle of converting PDF files into Word documents. An example is the PDFBear that helps you convert Word DOC to PDF easily. Remember that you have to pay for a subscription plan after the free trial ends.

Other applications will also let you convert the PDF files, but once you have converted one file, you have to wait for an hour before converting the second document. This will be time-consuming, especially if you have tons of papers to convert.

3. Convert Word to PDF through Microsoft App

Here are some other tips on converting your Word document format to PDF and vice versa. The first step is to go to your Microsoft Word app and then open the file you want to convert. Eventually, the app will convert the document. This hack has helped me with my studies, usually when I need to upload or share documents in PDF. This ensures keeping the original format.

Once you convert a PDF file into a Word document, you can easily edit it and turn it back again into a PDF file. Check if the format of the file you will print would stay still in its original format.


Hacks on how to convert your file from one format to another help in a much easier way to minimize the time you’ll use on your work. Some apps, though, are not that good in this kind of matter unless you will have a subscription and spend some money to convert files.

The tips on how to change the format of the documents above are the easiest way to convert files.  It is significant to know some easy tricks to save time as much as possible because time is indeed gold. We should not spend meaninglessly even a second on something with simple solutions.

Word to portable document format helps many people in making their lives faster and easier. We can go about our work smoothly with no hassle of going through many sites to convert one file format to another.