7 Social Media Trends to Look Out For in 2022

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In the era of 2021, social media is in the hands of every person. Some people use it for work by making great videos using Instagram video editor, some for fun and entertainment, and some for both purposes. It has become a requisite part of everyone’s life, and people spend a significant amount of their daily life on social media.

Social media use has become so ingrained in our daily lives that it is usually the first thing to check upon waking up in the morning and the last thing before going to bed. The majority of people cannot stay without scrolling through the news feed. From giving information about someone’s achievements or news about personal life, or different news genres around the world, social media circulates everything globally. 

Social Media Trends

Business marketers and digital marketing have flourished a lot in this social media generation. Social media has helped businesses reach target customers and cater to their needs and interests directly. 

Many businesses and individuals have been harnessing the power of different trends on social media to grow their followers base. These trends are usually successful at influencing the lives of people in both positive and negative ways. However, simply creating a social media profile will not suffice; to make your profile stand out in the crowd, you have to develop exciting content and manage your profile with all sorts of creativity to attract a larger audience.

Here are some trends that you need to look out for in 2022:

1. Rise of the online sellers

In recent years there has been an increase in the number of online sellers. Using an Instagram video editor, many businesses are designing and creating various advertisements for sponsorship to reach different customers who are geographically scattered all over the world. Online sellers mainly lure customers with attractive discounts and editing skills. Online businesses are growing day by day because of the demand of people. Affiliate marketing is also seeing a steady increase where the products are being sold to the customers by persuading and assisting them with lucrative income options. 

Several online sellers sell handcrafted curated dresses and traditional clothes at a premium quality which attracts all fashionistas. Especially during the ongoing pandemic, social media almost became a shopping platform due to these rising trends. This trend was especially seen among teenagers and younger people. Business pages on Instagram are increasing and occupy most of the social media marketplace. Through social media, customers can stay in direct touch with the sellers, which makes the process more reliable than shopping with larger, less personalized established brands. This trend is expected to become more efficient in the coming years.

2. Domination of short videos in the market

Various social media platforms introduced new features of 15-second short stories that disappear after 24 hours. The patience and attention span of people, on average is only getting shorter, so these short stories are engaging and becoming addictive to watch. It is very easy for a viewer to scroll through these short stories one after the other, making it a daily habit. Marketers are using this feature to reach thousands of audiences by sponsoring their advertisements in the form of short videos. 

One of the popular apps, TikTok, was famous for this trend where people showcased dance skills, acting skills and many more in these short videos. However, many of these trending videos started to hurt the sentiments of some viewers and sometimes were against community standard rules and policies. Instagram came up with the new feature known as Reels, which followed the same concept, and it became instantly popular. YouTube is on the rising trend for different content ranging from makeup, travel vlogs, comedy, dance videos, and much more. Through these social media platforms, a person’s creativity and talents can reach a large audience. This also helps viewers in gaining knowledge and getting information about various niches.

3. Live streaming across the globe

This is one of the features through which influencers or celebrities deliver information relating to a show, a product launch, an event, an incident, or anything else. Online marketers are adopting this feature to offer the best commodities in the stock from anywhere. Most people prefer live streaming because it helps to provide the basic information in real-time instead of uploading edited, pre-written content. It also gives the organization or the person hosting the live video the opportunity to answer questions asked by the audience instantly. This is crucial in building interpersonal relationships and developing a sense of community with the brand’s audience and customers.

4. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is when technology superimposes computer-generated images on everyday, real-world subjects in an image. For example, filters are wildly popular on Instagram, and Snapchat consists of various digital elements and color effects that change the original model of the picture. Different filters can add makeup to the face or funny features such as bunny ears. Other platforms are also expected to adopt this AR in the future. Apart from vanity and entertainment, AR is also being used to help customers make shopping choices. For example, many beauty brands allow the customers to visualise a 3D effect of makeup on their face virtually before buying the product online. This feature is also being used by sunglass brands, and they provide a demo to the customers’ faces of various shades of sunglasses.

5. Influencers will get better reach.

Many individuals who claim to be influencers mainly keep updated about the recent trends and popular content around the globe. Some influencers specialize in fashion, clothes, makeup, education, and many more areas. They help their followers in getting accurate information of a particular field by eliminating fraudulent or fake information. They run cheap advertisements and campaigns for generating leads. Collaborations or tie-ups with various brands and companies help the influencers attract many audiences and enlighten their followers with the changes.

6. Customer service

Social media is also being used to help people in certain emergencies or difficult situations. Whenever a person faces any danger or harassment, publicizing it on social media helps them spread the message to a large number of people. For example, if a customer receives a damaged parcel or comes in contact with a fraudulent seller, writing about the case along with the person’s name makes people aware of the danger. This also prompts the wrong-doer to correct his/her actions. This results in increased interactions among people where they share their reviews and complaints or promote someone because of their excellent work. Customer service has changed drastically today because of direct contact that was made possible with social media. 

7. Groups or communities among similar persons

Groups or communities are being created among like-minded people for sharing ideas or discussing various topics. Many people who faced any problem have asked for solutions and recommendations from these groups on social media and found their solutions thanks to these communities. Therefore, social media is also being utilized in a good manner to gain and share valuable insights.


Every year new trends come up and dominate social media. By harnessing these trends, marketers can beat their competition and leverage the people for several commodities. Social media is a dynamic platform that comes up with various new elements every day. With the proliferation of technologies, people will continue to use social media at an increasing rate. Companies are always looking for innovative ways to develop and enhance their engagement with customers. Digital marketing is expected to continue to flourish with the development of many other social media, and smart businesses will know how to leverage it to their advantage at the earliest.