3 Types of Men’s Watches That You Should Know About

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Men’s wristwatches come in a variety of styles, designs, and features. Some watches are vintage, while others are more modern. Different types fall into different classes. Below in this article, we will cover the 3 Types of Men’s Watches That You Should Know About.

3 Types of Men’s Watches

3 Types of Men’s Watches

Buying Men’s Watch may turn out to be quite a challenge if you are inexperienced and don’t know what to look for in the first place. If you are a sports person then you will need to consider what type of watch you are buying according to your specific sports activity. 

If you are an executive or business person you sure would put the fact that you might be traveling regularly into consideration. In the same way, casual watches need features for day-to-day activities and so on. 

Classification According To Style

To guide you, here are the three types of watches then men can wear according to style. Let’s start!

Casual Watches – Tissot

Casual watches are for the people who attend social events and don’t need to dress up. They are great accessories for your casual dressing. The Tissot watch brand has casual and classy watches for both men and women. They also produce other models of watches like sports, heritage, T-Touch, and pocket. 

Although brands like Tissot can cause you a sizable buck because of the detail and sophistication, there are cheaper brands that you don’t have to spend as much. Your budget is the deciding factor here but it is always recommended you buy a trusted brand that would assure quality isn’t compromised. 

Luxury Watches – Rolex 

Luxury watches are for those people who attend events or function a lot and need something more high-class and sophisticated than a usual watch. These watches are not meant for everyday use but special occasions and events. 

The best luxury watches are expensive as they are generally made of Swiss quartz movements. They are also water-resistant and have diversified features that make them unique and reliable. An example is the Rolex watch. 

Sports Watch – Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire 

If you are buying a watch for sports, then the first thing you will need to consider is quality. A high-quality sports watch will give you maximum performance especially if you play a sport regularly.

Some watches are solely marketed as sports watches. They are made with specialized materials to withstand high pressures. Some of these watches feature special features like alarms for water resistance. 

Many sportsmen use a men’s wristwatch to keep in touch with their team during competitions or events. Also, many professional athletes wear sports watches during games to communicate and track their efforts. 

A good example of this watch is the Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire which is a tech watch that can serve the needed purpose if you’re a sportsman or an explorer. 

Of course, not all watches can be worn on your wrist. Some are made specifically for wearing on a belt. Watches with belts are called strapped watches. They are great for men who work out because they can be used as a weight-loss tool by showing the time spent working out, and calories burned.

Classifications According to Features 

Watches can also be classified by the specific features they possess. Some watches can measure the time and date. They can be used for telematics or fitness activities. 

Men’s watches come in many different shapes and sizes and also with various features.  They range from being very small and delicate to be large and sturdy. They can be water-resistant or scratch-resistant. 

Some feature automatic date-reading, and some feature multiple displays. Watches can have simple dials, or they can have complex numbers and symbols displayed. 

Most watches are either mechanical or digital, although some are powered by batteries. Digital watches usually have more features than do mechanical watches. The more features a watch has, the more it will likely cost.

Features include alarm and countdown timers, as well as other functions such as a stopwatch or thermometer. Some brands that manufacture watches have separate boutiques for women, men, and children’s watches.

There are Swiss-made, over-the-counter, designer, and novelty watches. There are also military or timepiece watches. One type of men’s wristwatch that is made popular by athletes is a waterproof wristwatch. These watches can also keep track of speeds, distance, and heart rate.

If you are extra fashion conscious and would like to go for a watch that matches your face or body type. There is the round face watch, another type is the square face watch, and last but not least is the rectangular watch which is suitable for casual men’s attires. 

Classification According to Color and Material

Men’s watches are no different than women’s watches in that there are all kinds of designs. There are classic and stylish designs, fun, and colorful watches, as well as a myriad of other types. You can choose from stainless steel watches, leather strap watches, and more.

A lot of watches are made in multiple colors, or silver, gold, or other metals. This is not a problem for men who want to match their watch to a shirt or tie, but many watches come in multiple colors that are great for men who want to add a splash of color to their overall style. 

There are even watches that can be purchased in materials other than silver, including gold, titanium, and plastic. Watches can be found in dozens of colors and many materials, so if you think that a black, brown, or neutral color watch just isn’t for you, there is certainly one out there for you. There are even watches that have straps fashioned with animal skin, from snakes to crocodiles.


These classifications listed above are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your new watch. Men’s watches can be expensive so you want to make sure that you are getting the most for your money. 

While there is a myriad of options available, there isn’t a recommended type you should purchase, just make sure that the features of the watch you’re buying appeal to you and you’re good to go.