Difference Between Being an Animator and Motion Designer

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The demand for visual presentations is rising with each passing moment. By the time we are done reading this article, the chances are that a new faction of youth would be enrolling in the certification courses. 

However, with a rise in the demand for video producers, ambiguity is also seeing an elevated curve, especially between two very similar fields in the services they dispense. These are motion designers and animators. 

In the preceding article, you’ll see the differences between each of these fields, what they demand, and what their scope is. So, here’s the animator vs motion designer differentiation-

Animator vs. Motion Designer: know the difference

Animator and Motion Designer

By now, you might be pretty aware that the job of an animator and motion designer is different and that they cannot be used interchangeably. But what makes them different? We’ve dug deeper to let you know the differences in detail. Here’s how the job of an animator differs from that of a motion designer-

1. Difference 1: Have you ever seen a short graphical video? How do you tell if a motion designer or an animator makes the video? The difference lies in what you see in that video. If the visual aid is presented with the support of animated characters, it is known as animation.

On the other hand, if you can generally point out an on-screen text paired with shapes, elements, and small images, to represent statistical data or how-to-do stuff, that is motion graphics.

Therefore, the first difference is that an animator works with an animated character like a cartoon. Whereas a motion graphics designer typically works with texts and numbers combined with shapes and graphics.

2. Difference 2: Have you ever watched stories with animated characters in them? A significant difference between the two fields is that animation assists the producers in delivering a story. In contrast, the job of a motion designer is to make eye-catching motion graphics. 

Stories are more powerful and influential when backed by characters with whom the viewers can easily relate. You cannot empathetically connect with circles and squares now, can you? That’s why animators pay great attention to creating moving illustrations that can influence viewers emotionally. 

Whereas, if you use motion graphics while producing a storytelling video, you cannot base your video foundations on that story. Instead, you will only use the pictures to captivate the attention of your viewers while using the text and numbers to give a message. 

3. Difference #3: If you want to produce an exclusive video clip that can effectively deliver a story or narrative, you would like to hire an animator. They can create videos with moving illustrations that make it easier for the audience to connect with.

On the other hand, you cannot rely entirely on a motion graphics designer for producing an exclusive video clip. Most of the time, motion graphics make up a component of the illustrations made using animation or a real-life video clip. You can find motion graphics like moving backgrounds, logo animations, and title cards supporting the animated illustrations. 

Motion Designer

How to tell if you need a Motion Designer or an Animator?

When to use motion graphics?

If you try to emphasize your audience’s focus to a particular point, motion graphics are the answer. 

They use attractive elements to outline the facts and help them stand out in viewers’ eyes. 

If your brand wants the users to understand a challenging concept, take the help of motion graphics to deliver that information to your viewers quickly through the infographics. Or you can take the help of motion graphics wherever you want to represent statistical in a more comprehensive manner.

When to use animation? 

If you want to bring out an emotional narrative or story, nothing is better than taking aid from animation. These creative animation tools establish a connection that would help the audience gain a greater insight into the message you wish to deliver.

Final Takeaway

While both motion designing and animation present uniquely similar yet different stances, one should know where to employ each of them. It is a wise choice and depends on many factors, like whether you want to deliver a story or not or what you want to convey from your visual aids. 

Remember that generally, people do not care about the specifications of each field. However, if you run a creative industry or belong to one, you cannot ignore the differences between the two.

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